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As every designer knows (or will find out), you won’t always be working for people who understand what you do. I can’t tell you how many times my boss has said “Can’t you just get an image off the internet?” or been appalled by the fact that a font might cost $22! I’ve had to explain copyright laws more times than I care to remember, and I’ve given up on trying to explain why a one-inch square 72dpi image can’t be stretched to fit a five-inch square space in a print layout. Most employers in the business world don’t want to pay for stock images or fonts…that’s where these folks come in. istockphoto.com has saved my portfolio countless times and for only a few dollars. istockphoto is a great resource for stock photography and illustration. Beyond that, it’s a community of designers and photographers who offer critiques and feedback. Some other good sites to check out are Stock.xchng, a free stock photo site, Font Shop, and Fonts.com, both good typography resources. So, the next time your boss says “just go find something that works,” you’ll know where to look. And please, whatever you do, and no matter how much they pressure you, don’t stretch that little web graphic out to five times its size and use it in print. We have to stand our ground!

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