Color Palettes: Finding the Perfect Combination

graphic design color paletteFinding the right color palette for a website design can be challenging. Often the client’s logo will dictate the dominant colors, or you might be basing the design on a photo from which you can sample colors. When I’m struggling with finding the combination that makes it all come together, I turn to some great online color resources – these are my favorites:

Adobe’s Kuler Explore palettes, search by tags, save your favorite themes, and create your own to share with other designers. View this tutorial video from AdobeTV to learn more about Kuler. I especially like having the ability to create a theme from a photo.

ColorJack Hover over a color to see a palette suggestion. Don’t miss the articles section for some interesting background about color symbolism and psychology.

Daily Color Scheme Know of other good color resources? Please share them in a comment. Happy coloring!


  1. I love playing with the color wheel.

    An important thing is to look at your work/websites from multiple computers. When I first started my site, I loved my color choices, an antique sort of look, but when I saw it on other computers, it was a bright yellow, so I decided to change it until I found the color I wanted that showed up correctly on all computers. Places you can look at other computers’ colors are: the library, KMart, and friends.

    Thanks for the cool post.

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