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I’ve been on the fence about Twitter. At first I didn’t see any value in it. I thought it was a way to spread a huge amount of useless, narcissistic information. However, I decided I’d better try it out before passing judgment. Now, I’m intrigued – still uncertain, but curious. I’m finding it very useful for getting and sharing good information about design and development. I’ve gotten some great tips and discovered good resources through the designers I’m following. I’m still not interested in finding out where they’re eating dinner or what kind of coffee they’re drinking, but I don’t mind sifting through those posts to get to the good stuff. Sometimes a quick glimpse into someone else’s life provides a smile and a little break from the work day. That’s not a bad thing.

I’m steadily learning more about how it works. For example, you can use hash marks (#) to tag keywords in posts. Here’s a great explanation from Kristine Wirth: http://kristinewirth.com/that-mysterious-sign-in-twitterwhat-does-it-mean/. You can also “retweet” other user’s posts to share good info with your followers. You can address a post to another user by putting @username before your post (these are called “at replies”). It’s a nice way to quickly send a message to someone or reply to one of their posts.

The following video talks about the value of Twitter’s search engine. This is an aspect I hadn’t considered until I saw this video. I like the idea of “the most contemporary thought stream humanity has ever seen.” Check it out:

So, my advice is this: try it out. Experiment, play, figure out if there’s a place for it in your life. At the least, we humans keep trying to connect with each other. That’s what it’s all about, right?

By the way, if you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m @dgraydesign. Happy tweeting!

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