Twitter Update and Tools for Tweeting

Well…I’m no longer on the fence. I’m really enjoying Twitter. I’ve made some great work connections and gotten to know some genuinely nice people. For anyone who freelances or works alone most of the time, it’s a fun way to feel connected to everyone out there. I’ve  received lots of useful, time-saving info from fellow designers and developers, and I’ve been able to quickly share info that helped other designers out of a bind or pointed them in the right direction. I’ve never been one to network too actively, but Twitter is, in my opinion, the most effective tool for networking and sharing information I’ve seen yet. Want to know more about how it all works? Check out The Twitter Book by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein.

Since my last post, I’ve discovered a few tools that make “tweeting” a little easier:

Twhirl – a desktop client for Twitter powered by Adobe AIR that allows you to quickly view and post updates, retweet, send direct messages and @replies, post images to TwitPic, search tweets and more…

TweetDeck – Another Adobe AIR app, TweetDeck is also a desktop client that integrates with Twitter and Facebook. It allows you to manage messages, create groups, shorten URLs, record video clips and more…

TwitPic – Lets you share photos to Twitter from your phone or through the website

TweetPhoto – Another good photo sharing tool

WordPress Plugin – For self-hosted WordPress blogs, this plugin will allow you to integrate your Twitter account with your blog.

Ping – A service that allows you to post to all your social networking sites at the same time

Twinkle – A nice app for the iPhone and iPod Touch

I’m sure there are many more. Please post a comment and share your favorite Twitter apps with other readers.

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