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My favorite workday mornings start with a good cup of coffee and a UX podcast. We all know that staying up to date is a challenge. This industry requires continuous learning. Listening to podcasts while taking care of routine tasks is an efficient and fun way to get some of that learning time in. When I’m going through the morning email or taking care of admin tasks, I like to catch up with one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve learned an enormous amount from following these, and hearing the ideas and unique perspectives of other UX pros makes me better at what I do.

I’ll be adding to this list as I discover new podcasts, so be sure to bookmark it!

Adventures in Design with Mark Brickey

I love this podcast! If you’re a designer, you’ll want to listen to every episode of this one. It’s all things related to the designer’s life, from agency life to freelancing — “A daily talk show that explores people who have designed happiness into their creative professional lives.”

Check out this episode, 737 – The Nostalgic Past, Evolving Present And Confusing Future Of Design, Advertising, And Marketing.

UX Podcast – User Experience, digital media, UX and web business tips, and more. There are several different formats for this podcast − event shows, guest shows, link shows and topic shows. The link shows, in which hosts James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom discuss three recent articles, are my favorites. They’ve done some excellent interview segments with UX pros as well.

Here’s a recent episode:

Divi Nation Podcast

This one is from Elegant Themes. It’s not just for users of the Divi theme though, the interviews are excellent and cover all aspects of running a creative business. You can subscribe in iTunes.

Here’s a recent episode:


 The UX Mastery Podcast – Good interviews and discussions of UX-related topics in every episode.

Here’s a recent episode with Joe Natoli:


The Web Ahead – Jen Simmons talks with guests about the future of web technology in this podcast. Check out the most recent episode Designing Products with Dustin Senos.

UX Radio – Podcasts about IA, UX and Design. You can learn so much from these interviews!

Here’s a recent episode, Designing Contextual Research with Kendra Shimmell

Design Matters – This design podcast has been around for a decade. Debbie Millman interviews leaders in the design field, like Michael Bierut, partner at Pentagram.

Here’s the Michael Bierut interview:

What are your favorite Podcasts?

Let us know in the comments what your favorite resources are for learning about UX!

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