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My favorite workday mornings start with a good cup of coffee and a podcast. Staying up to date in this industry is a challenge. It requires continuous learning. Listening to podcasts while taking care of routine tasks is a fun way to get some of that learning time in. When I’m going through the morning email or taking care of admin tasks, I like to catch up with one of my favorite UX podcasts. I’ve learned an enormous amount from following these, and I love hearing the ideas and unique perspectives of other UX pros.

I’ll be adding to this list as I discover new podcasts, so be sure to bookmark it!

Adventures in Design with Mark Brickey

I love this podcast! If you’re a designer, you’ll want to listen to every episode of this one. It’s all things related to the designer’s life, from agency life to freelancing — “A daily talk show that explores people who have designed happiness into their creative professional lives.”

Check out this episode, 737 – The Nostalgic Past, Evolving Present And Confusing Future Of Design, Advertising, And Marketing.

UX Podcast – User Experience, digital media, UX and web business tips, and more. There are several different formats for this podcast − event shows, guest shows, link shows and topic shows. The link shows, in which hosts James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom discuss three recent articles, are my favorites. They’ve done some excellent interview segments with UX pros as well.

Here’s a recent episode:

 The UX Mastery Podcast – Good interviews and discussions of UX-related topics in every episode.

Here’s a recent episode with Joe Natoli:


The Web Ahead – Jen Simmons talks with guests about the future of web technology in this podcast. Check out the most recent episode Transforming the Shapes with Eva Ferreira.

UX Radio – Podcasts about IA, UX and Design. You can learn so much from these interviews!

Here’s a recent episode, Designing Contextual Research with Kendra Shimmell

Design Matters – This design podcast has been around for a decade. Debbie Millman interviews leaders in the design field, like Michael Bierut, partner at Pentagram.

Here’s the Michael Bierut interview:

What are your favorite Podcasts?

Let us know in the comments what your favorite resources are for learning about UX!

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